Director Kim Jo Gwang Su Announces He Will be Marrying His Same-Sex Lover

Director Kim Jo Gwang Su will be the first man in Korea to get married to a same-sex partner.

The press conference announcing Kim Jo Gwang Su′s marriage took place on May 15. This day, director Kim′s lover, 30-year-old Kim Seung Hwan, was also present to talk before the press.

Director Kim said, “I will be getting married to my lover Kim Seung Hwan on September 7. I wanted to announce my marriage in public after I came out of the closet in 2005. Homosexuals must be given the same rights given to heterosexuals.”

At the press preview for his film Two Weddings and a Funeral in 2012, Kim Jo Gwang Su had said, “I have a lover of the same sex. I will hold a wedding with him as soon as we gain permission and support from our parents.”

His wedding announcement comes eight years after he first mentioned his lover.

Kim Seung Hwan, Kim Jo Gwang Su′s lover, said, “To be honest, I′m very nervous. I′ve always been introduced as the man who is 19 years younger than director Kim, and that was very pressuring. I′ve turned 30 this year, which means my looks have started to wane.”

He added, “I was able to stand here after receiving permission and support from my family, relatives and friends. My family was against my appearing before the public in person, and that′s why our wedding announcement was so delayed. They were worried about the slander that could come from some conservative groups; they weren′t against the marriage itself.”

When asked by the director on whether he was embarrassed, Kim Seung Hwan answered, “Not at all. I trust director Kim Jo Gwang Su and I love him.”

Director Kim then said, “We believe that homosexuals must be given the same rights given to heterosexuals through this marriage. We will work hard to make gay marriage legal.”

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min
Credit: enewsworld

NOTE:  Kim Jo Kwang Soo directed LOVE, 100 C… in the credits of this movie it’s written “YOONJAE FOREVER” [@Yoonhoshinki]
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At the exact time the news was released on nate and people were talking about it on twitter…
Jae tweeted: 
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