As a K-Pop fan, I find it unforgivable for AllKPop, a site that contributed greatly to the Hallyu Wave by giving international fans up-to-date news on our favorite K-Pop artists, would stoop incredibly low to use their popularity to defame such a talented artist.

Many Korean news sites and K-netizens have expressed their disgust for this kind of news to pop up, including Dispatch who has released a conversation to show that they declined such a tip (1). Idols like Jay Park and G-Dragon have unfollowed AKP’s Twitter respectively and other Hallyu websites are boycotting the site for this “news article”. (2)

With all of this in mind, we, the K-Pop fandom, can contribute to this boycott. Without the millions of us reading their articles every day, they would not be relevant. We are the ones who made AllKPop the source for Hallyu news and we can be the ones who can shut them down.

Reblog, repost and spread this all around Tumblr, Twitter and even AKP forums and let them know not to fuck around with the K-Pop fandom. Support Ailee during this ordeal as well, for no one should go through this kind of scandal.


(Source: topford)

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